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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  January 13, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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20's. 28 at reagan national, 27 in lexington park, 28 in culpeper. it feels like we are in the teens when you factor in the wind. it feels like 10 degrees in hagerstown. it's going to be cold and blustery all data with highs near freezing, around 32 p -- blustery all day. tomorrow, a light dusting of snow is possible early in the day. otherwise, partly cloudy, not as windy yesterday, mr. 30's. the average high temperature is 42. we may reach that on saturday. a few snow flurries on friday. 29 inches of snow in connecticut's. glad that's not us. it's wonderful town the beltway. 270, headlights are southbound.
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there's plenty of room between the cars. there have been chemicals put down. 66, 95, 395 looks good. normal out of southern maryland. the hoped-for and, look good. looks great on 301. it looks nice out of southeast d.c. back to you. >> thank you. it was an emotional evening before the president last night. he joined thousands to honor the victims of the tragedy in tucson. he's trying to comfort the nation and delivered an emotional news. >> revealed that congresswoman gabrielle giffords opened her eyes. now the latest details. that brought the crowd to a standing ovation, emily. >> unexpected news last night, the news that everyone wanted. president obama returned from washington last night and had
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the unexpected news. >> some accounts her colleagues from congress were in the room and gabby open to rise for the first time. >> new york senator was in the hospital when that happened and she said with a congresswoman opened her eyes, her husband's it if you can see us, lift up your finger. instead, she lifted her entire arm. the alleged gunman had spread of previous encounters with police including marijuana possession. he was pulled over to three hours before the shooting for running. they gave him a verbal warning. president obama cautioned not to use the shooting to turn on one another. the president spoke about a nine-year-old victim named
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christina taylor green. he said that he wished to democracy had been as good as she hoped it could be. her funeral mass is this week. back to you. >> thank you. so much emotion bear. meanwhile, we are still learning more about the man accused of being responsible for the deadly shootings. investigators say that a wildlife officer pulled over jared loughner before running a red light, just hours before the attack. police records show that he became increasingly erratic last year. college records show that he might alarming and outbursts in class. former governor sarah palin has joined the debate in political rhetoric. her remarks, coming up next half-hour. investigators are searching for the gunman who shot a man in greenbelt. the victim was found in norway a of an apartment building in the
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5900 block of cherrywood lane. he suffered a gunshot wound to the head and remains in critical condition. the mother of the murdered university of maryland student is outraged by how the deck ishy inside is rental home. marijuana and drug-laced lollipops' were found at the scene, but his other disputes the allegations. >> they are trying to make him something that he's not. if i half to get on tv, trust me, i will tulips. >> just in words two and jobs and helped his mother financially. she was majoring in physics and astronomy and would have graduated this year. the district is mourning the death of a longtime school board members and community activist. william rock ridge was 62 years old. he had been on life support since suffering a stroke last
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weekend. he was first elected to the board of education in the 1990's. the mayor has called him a true public servant comparable working for the community. bitter cold temperatures outside, but nothing compared with the other parts of the country. >> there is no on the ground in most of the united states. from new york to massachusetts it is piled up nearly two feet. brianne carter is either northwest washington with the wild winter conditions. >> good morning. we are lucky we are not dealing with that in the washington region. old man winter is beating down on us. the winds is starting to take a toll. the whipping wind is taking a toll on those willing to venture out. >> when the wind hits my face, it feels like somebody is going ice in my face. >> its freezing. >> it makes it feel like the
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teens outside. r winter weather is nothing compared to the storm that slammed the northeast. in states like connecticut and massachusetts, more than two feet on the ground while drivers face might out conditions. >> i just slipped through the parking lot. i'm glad i didn't. the truck. >> approved the 00 much for tree limbs -- too much. >> this is the destruction rebound when we came out. i've never seen anything like it. i've lived here long time. >> the storm passed left many stock as it moves up the east coast. it has put a problem on the airlines. cancellations and delays have been seen all the way from atlanta to boston. lots of passengers hoping they will get out sometime this week. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thank you.
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airports across the northeast are starting to reopen a little. but there will still be plenty of flight delays and cancellations. amtrak plans to resume normal service between new york city. >> 26 degrees on this chilly thursday morning. >> still ahead, getting the help you. the homeless man with the golden voice is in rehab now. >> a fast-acting neighbor and her pet may have saved the lives of her neighbors. >> temperatures that feel like the teens. if you have to bundle up out
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welcome back. 5:10, time to check traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's get to adam caskey. we had strong wind yesterday. seems that is dying down. >> they died down during the night and increase in the morning. the wind will pick up today. we have information from the local weather center offices in connecticut and boston. new fairfield, connecticut, 28 inches of snow from the orchestra. north haven, 29.5. jealousy is running deep in my
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veins today. we are in the 20's, 23 in poolesville, 27 in bristow. when you factor in the wind, it feels like we are in the teens. los 20's this afternoon. high temperatures today in the low 30's. it will feel like the 20's. we could have a light dusting of snow or early tomorrow morning around a rush-hour, only reduced visibility with isolated slippery spots. highs in the mid 30's. by the weekend, partly to mostly cloudy skies with high temperatures where they should be this time of year, 04's. growing volume on 66 eastbound coming out of hate markets and into manassas, a little volume spotted in centreville. and again at 500. quiet across the roosevelt bridge. no troubles on the beltway at the 14th street bridge. on the other side of town,
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moving nicely across the american legion bridge on both sides of the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. 5:11 is the time on this thursday, 27 degrees. >> coming up, electronic book readers learn to share their favorite stories online. >> a file completely destroys a house. courtney robinson live in fort washington. a dollar saved everyone's lights, coming up. -- dog. gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office and word is people really love our claims service. gecko: 'specially the auto repair xpress. repairs are fast and they're guaranteed for as long as you own your car. boss: hey, that's great! is this your phone? gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: but...where do you put...i mean how do you...carry... waitress: here you go. boss: thanks! gecko: no, no i got it, sir. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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welcome back. checking our top stories, thousand joined president obama in paying tribute to the victims of the mass shooting in tucson. he honored the six people that died and those injured. he told the crowd that carries
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on a congresswoman gabrielle giffords has opened her eyes. the snow has stopped falling in new england, but there is plenty of it to clean up. more than two feet fell in some places. the crews are waiting to clear the road. airports have several flight delays and cancellations. delete floodwaters have begun to recede in the streets of brisbane, australia. many died and thousands of buildings were flooded. it can be days before people are able to return to their causes and businesses. people escaped the burning house in fort washington. a four-legged friend is getting credit. courtney robinson is there. what can you tell us? >> the neighbors are the heroes. as the flames consumed the house in fort washington, a next-door neighbor alerted her.
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she opened her back door, and initially thinking that her own palace was on fire. she realized it was her neighbor's house, so she sprang into action. >> i went and banks on their door and told them there was was on fire. the neighbor across the street came over and knocked on their door and they rushed out of the house and went across the street. i am just glad that the documeg was panting like she wa. >> that's the your " the in the situation. the fire started sometime around midnight. firefighters had a difficult time putting the fire out. one firefighter was injured in all this. suffered burns to his neck.
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he's in the hospital. the palace is a complete loss and firefighters are invest igating. back to you. >> thank you. virginia governor wants to bar a $3 billion for road construction. he said bobolink is the only way to take advantage of all construction costs and interest rates. he proposed requiring public employees to pay a share for their own pensions. maryland lawmakers are back at work. the general assembly will spend much of the and 90 and they is to deal with the $1.6 billion budget shortfall. the governor says to balance the budget with spending cuts. lawmakers are expected to deal with a proposed alcohol tax and their marriage. >> the d.c. council is considering renaming the 1300's
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and 1400's blocks of pennsylvania avenue nw. council member michael brown will host a public meeting at 5:00 this afternoon to discuss the issue. learning to share online, and albert's our meeting up with facebook -- amber alerts meeting up with facebook. >> now the members can sign up to receive alerts about missing children in the region. the bulletin's will be sent to their page the same way they get status updates from friends. has helped to find many children since 1996. amazon has added a lending feature to the amazon kendall and now there's a new way to ball books. the landing club the next owners of the amazon kindle looking to borrow their book and you have 14 days to finish reading the
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book. and google has a translation application that's getting a conversation mode that translates speak out loud in real time translates only between spanish and english for now and is in the early stages. i am vinita nair. 27 degrees on thursday morning, 5:19. >> we feel lucky when looking at other parts of the country even though we are still cold and windy. >> florida is the only state right now without snow on the ground. >> even hawaii as snow in the mountains -- has snow. >> the nor'easter that slant parts of new england sent down almost 30 inches of snow in parts of connecticut's. that was early february last year for us. here's a look at the nor'easter. this is the upper right side of
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your screen. e.c. little pinwheel on the corner of the screens. that is the nor'easter. it's off the coast of nova scotia. it's not dumping any more snowfall in parts of new england. this is the infrared satellites view. that's why it looks funny. now let's look at the radar would areas of quiet. those are areas of snow. tomorrow we will have a brief dusting of snow potentially early tomorrow morning. we cannot rule out a few personal flurries and reduced visibility to our morning when driving to work. alexandria, 25 degrees right now, camp springs, 27 degrees, california, maryland, 27. it feels like the teens when you factor in the wind. today, it will be blustery with
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wind gusts of around 30 miles an hour or. high temperatures in the los 30's, freezing this afternoon. afternoon windshields will be in the low 20's. it will be cold tonight. the wind will die down, but that will help plummets. there's a light dusting of snow possibly tomorrow morning. partly cloudy otherwise. the high temperatures in the low 40's this week. we are doing all right. heavier volumes starting to grow. no accidents to report. nothing major that will affect a lot of people. this is traffic out of columbia, maryland, 99 southbound at lockwood is great. on rockville pike, not bad north of the beltway, coming through fredericks, in rockville, in
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pretty good shape. 395 @ washington boulevard is good. are you guys hungry? >> adam caskey was screaming from the weather center. thank you. 5:22 is the time, 27 degrees. >> the capitals ended up falling behind in the standings. >> today on "oprah," dr. oz has medical advice that can save your life.
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d.c. united has the third overall pick in soccer's annual draft. that begins at noon today. >> the owner of the club wants united to stay in d.c., but that the team needs a new stadium. >> now tim has the rest of this morning sports. >> good morning. the georgetown hornets need to take a step back and reevaluate. right now they are in a funk. they lost two out of five conference games. turnover. georgetown foster fifth ranking.
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off to their worst start since 1989. the maryland terrapins now. tucker with a big game leaving maryland with over 20 points. jordan williams with the spin. 15 rebounds. its 10th straight double double. maryland defeated them by 19 points. the capitals lost to the tampa bay last night. duke goes down. they lost in tallahassee to florida state by five points. cabaret data. 5:26, 26 degrees on this thursday. the news continues at 5:30. >> local crude to the lives lost in haiti's deadly earthquake. -- a local tribute to the lives lost. >> and congresswoman giffords
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gabrielle giffords'amazing progress, coming up. >>
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> what we cannot do is use this tragedy as one more occasion to turn on each other. >> the president calls for tolerance in the middle of a national tragedy. straight ahead, an emotional memorial to the victims of the arizona tragedy. good morning, washington. it's thursday, january 13. i am alison starling. >> i am pamela brown. more on that story in a moment.
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we begin with traffic and weather. first, adam caskey. what's on tap for today? >> a cold and blustery day. wind chills this morning are in the teens. this afternoon it will feel like we are in the low to mid 20's. it's 28 at reagan national, 28 in fredericksburg, 27 in lexington park. when you factor in the wind, it feels like the teens. it feels like 12 in winchester, 15 in southern maryland in lexington park. high temperatures today in the low 30's, near freezing. it will feel like they will 20's. cold tonight in the teens. a light dusting of snow is possible early tomorrow morning. otherwise, cold and not as windy. on the weekend, partly cloudy and maybe a brief snow flurry on saturday.
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southbound 270, there's more action outside between iran and hyattstown. as far as 95 to 395, more of them spotted. northbound 95 to springfield, open getting to the beltway. dallas of fredericksburg through newington and into springfield -- northbound out of fredericksburg, normal. back to you. >> thank you. president obama calls for unity and tolerance as the nation remembers the victims of the tucson tragedy. six people died and 13 were wounded in saturday's shooting, including car is on a congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> the president delivered surprising news. emily schmidt has details. >> if there were thousands of people in the crowd. president obama told them they
5:32 am
were not alone in their grief. >> the hopes of the nation are here tonight. he went to the congresswoman's hospital room. >> a few minutes after we left the room and some of our colleagues from congress or in the room, she opened her eyes or the first time. [cheers] >> and new york's senator was in the room at the time and describes the moment. >> she opens her eyes and her husband was so excited and said, honey, if you can see us, give us the thumbs up and she raised her whole arm. >> make sure we are talking with each other in a way that is dealing and not in a way that wounds. >> he said our democracy should be as good as nine-year-old
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victim christina taylor green imagined it. her funeral is this afternoon. fbi agents arrested a california man accused of making a threatening phone call to a congressman. he placed two phone calls to washington state congressman jim mcdermott's office last month. he threatens to kill the democrat and his friends and family. sarah palin comes under fire for her response to the arizona shooting. >> journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood rival. >> that refers to false accusations that it was once used for murdering christian children in sacrifice. >> a woman whose body was found on the side of the road in landover last friday was
5:34 am
murdered. the police chief has moved more detective to the criminal investigation and narcotics division to try to stem the violence. the mother of a murder university of maryland student wants to clear the name of her son. the justin was found dead on tuesday. he was inside is a rental house. police say his death was drug- related. sources tell us marijuana was found at the scene. his mother said that her son is being portrayed unfairly. >> longtime d.c. school board member william lockridge has died at the age of 63. he had been on life support from suffering -- since suffering a stroke. in 1998 he was first elected to the board of education. mayor vincent gray has called him a true public servant who was a regular working for the community. bitter cold temperatures
5:35 am
mean it's another day to gondola - -to bundle up. >> we got off easy. >> brianne carter is live in northwest washington with the conditions across the country. >> you are going to want to bundle up this morning. we are dealing with wind in the washington region. strong gusts at time making the cold temperatures feel even colder. we dodged the bullet throughout the week with that big storm that moved up the east coast. in the northeast, people are dealing with almost two feet of snow in some areas. more than two in some other areas. whiteout conditions for drivers to yesterday. certainly, a lot of snow has pounded that region. that is combined with parts of bacteria that were just getting over the blizzard that we saw after christmas.
5:36 am
and it had a big impact on the airlines. flights have been delayed or canceled all the way from atlanta through boston. passengers are trying to get where they need to go. this snow has made records already. in new york they get about 27 inches throughout the entire winter. already they are at that level. we still have months of winter left to go. brianne carter reporting live, abc 7 news. >> a small storms we have had to have had a big effect on the snow budgets in the region. they spent $22 million on snow cleanup in maryland. ddot has spent $11 million. the district has spent $2.5 million so far. 27 degrees on this thursday. >> still ahead, a comeback. overnight sensation ted williams is in rehab. >> firefighters battled a house
5:37 am
fire in fort washington. another hero might live next fire in fort washington. another hero might live next door.
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>> i am christina from langston hughes middle school. we can say good morning in over 50 languages. >> [speaking in different
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languages] >> good morning, washington. >> very good. welcome back. it's 5:39, time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. now to adam caskey. >> i did not grab my coat, but you should. it is cold. i will only be here a few seconds. if you are walking to work, you will be cold. it is a chilly start. it is windy as well. temperatures in the 20's right now with winds gusting up to 30 miles an hour at times. it's 25 degrees in huntingtown, 23 in winchester. the afternoon with gills in the 20's, but it will feel like --
5:41 am
and the afternoon with instils -- wind chills will be in the 20's. as you go outside to hit the road, we give you the green light. along 95 between richmond and baltimore, travel times in our favor. accidents spotted on 270 southbound. toward germantown, moving at a good pace. back to you. >> thank you. 5:41 is the time. >> we will show you the wrong way to avoid a dwi. >> our house is destroyed, but a family is ok because of man's best friend. that story from fort washington, next. >> flash floods and mudslides have buried towns
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5:44 on this thursday. president obama paid tribute to last weekend's mass shooting victims in tucson. the honor and the six people who died and those wounded. he broke the news that are as on a congresswoman gabrielle giffords opened her eyes for the first time since the attack. investigators are searching for the gunman responsible for shooting in greenbelt. a man was found in a hallway at an apartment building on cherrywood lane. he had been shot in the deputies in critical condition. 250 people died when mudslides devastated several mountain sounds in brazil. dozens more are missing. the death toll is expected to rise. some neighborhoods have been destroyed. firefighters battled flames that went through a hose in fort
5:46 am
washington. man's best friend is getting some of the credit for getting everybody out safely. courtney robinson has details. quite a story. >> it is amazing. this neighbor stock -- neighbor neighbor's dog alerted his owner. the fire left the neighbor without anything. dog was pacingollop's back and forth. initially, she thought it was something wrong at her own house. then she realized it was her neighbor so she went and knocked on the door. >> i am just glad a dog wa pacings like she was.
5:47 am
otherwise i could have just been sitting there until i smelled something and it possibly could too late. so it was a blessing that everyone was able to get out of. -- of their home. >> the fire started somewhere around midnight on lavonda c ourt in fort washington. one firefighter was injured, suffering burns to his neck and was taken to a hospital. firefighters are investigating. there's a complete loss at this house. everyone is ok. that is the good news. it is all thanks to the next four or neighbor's dog smelling smoke and alerting his owner. >> thank you. a sad time in haiti as people remember the victims of last year's devastating earthquake. yesterday was the one-year
5:48 am
anniversary of the earthquake. the 7.2 killed 230,000 people and left much of the country in ruins. many more have lost their lives due to colorado break. a special mass-market the somber first anniversary of the quake in our area. cardinal donald wuerl shrine of the immaculate conception. hundreds of people were there to pay tribute to those affected by the tragedy. >> our lives and not in the same since. we have come here today to remember those we have lost. >> this is a painful reminder of the devastating year for the haitian people. >> one year after the earthquake, about 1 million people remain homeless in port- au-prince alone. 5:48 is the time on this
5:49 am
thursday. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. it is cold, but not as blustery as yesterday. >> the wind will pick up as we go through the afternoon, which is typical. it dies down a little at night, but picks up again during the day. that will be the case today. i have a map to show you. what is the only u.s. state that does not have snow on the ground right now? look at the map, lower right side of the screen. it is florida. hawaii even received snow on top of a dormant volcano on the big island. look at this, florida, the only state in the u.s. without snow on the ground right now. but it's in parts of georgia, which is just over the border. and in alabama and mississippi,
5:50 am
the far south of mississippi. interesting. here is the nor'easter. there is a clockwise rotation, the pinwheel rotation. that is the nor'easter just off the coastline, pushing off to the northeast. the snow has wrapped up in new england. but they are feeling the effects. nearly 30 inches in parts of connecticut. a little snow in the upper midwest has upper level energy associated with it. that will push our way. we might have a brief dusting on friday morning >> maybe a slick spot on the road and briefly reduced visibility. it's 28 at reagan national, 23 at frederick. it feels like we are in the teens when you factor in the wind. in hagerstown it feels like 11. high temperatures today in the low 30's. gusty wind at 30 miles an hour will make it feel like we are in the 20's.
5:51 am
slight chance of a morning dusting tomorrow. it will be cloudy with high temperatures in the 30's. low 40's by the weekend. that is average. looks good on 95 between richmond and baltimore. traffic is not affected by problems toward the airport. normal travel times there. the guy go camera, moving wonderfully around the beltway. -- geico camera. colesville road, a little bit of headlights nearly cross hospital. looks good all the way 270. virginia traffic looks good on 66. back to you. >> thank you. 5:51. one major retailer is teaming up with some famous sisters. and facebook says washington, d.c., is where it's at.
5:52 am
linda bell has more. sounds interesting. >> good morning. it is. we are talking about facebook increasing its presence in the nation's capital in an effort to save its image. facebook recently hired its seventh d.c. area employee. the company plans to move into a new office there in the late spring. meantime, macdonalds is updating its gold card program for its employees. it's an exclusive discount program. the golden arches is one of the biggest employers in the d.c. area. the program lets participating macdonald workers get discounts from the designated coupon book for the website. and sears department store is m and herp with kin ab sisters. they're launching a clothing
5:53 am
line to be lost at 400 sears stores nationwide, launching sometime in august, in time for the back-to-school shopping season. live at the bloomberg, linda delaware reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. it's 26 degrees on this th
5:54 am
5:55 am
comeback. the homeless man that became an international sensation is headed to rehab. ted williams has gone into
5:56 am
treatment after an appearance on "dr. phil." police were called to his hotel after a dispute with his daughter. he had resumed drinking. he had trained as a radio announcer, but his life to build because of substance abuse. a member of the videos were posted on the internet. since then, he has appeared on tv shows and was offered announcing jobs with the cleveland cavaliers and a commercial for kraft macaroni and cheese. >> i guess his appearance on that show helped him to realize that he needed to go into treatment. >> being so famous now, you'd think that he would need to address that. >> the best of luck to him. jose and his sidekick where
5:57 am
arrested in austin, texas last weekend for cruising down town on horseback. the urban cowboys were very intoxicated. they failed a sobriety test. however, the charges may be for public intoxication. we don't know if dwi charges with sticks -- would stick for driving a horse. >> he was not just a little drunk. >> there's a lot more still to come in the next hour. >> coming up, changing the way that your children eat away from home, new changes in school lunches. >> the wind is whipping in washington. but it's nothing compared to the blizzard that residents are battling in the north.
5:58 am
5:59 am
coming up, a call for calm and a call to action. the president gives a message to or grieving nation just days after the arizona massacre. flames' ripped through a house in fort washington, but and a neighbor and her pet may have saved their lives.


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